Friday, July 12, 2019

THE BIRD BOYS by Lisa Sandlin

This review first appeared in Library Journal and is published here with permission. 

The Bird Boys is author Lisa Sandlin’s second in the mystery series (after The Do-Right, 2015) featuring private investigator Tom Phelan and his ex-convict secretary Delpha Wade. 
     After a brief reminder of Wade’s conviction for murder and how it still haunts her, a new client hires Phelan to find his long-lost brother to mend wounds of the past before it’s too late. Phelan and Wade know right away that their new client, using an alias and disguise, is not completely forthcoming about why he wants to find his brother.  Set in 1970’s Beaumont, Texas, the story unfolds as the investigators rely on traditional methods—phone books, libraries, public records, ruses, and hunches—to solve the case. But the truth may come too late as they weight their ethical obligation to their client with the impact reuniting the brothers may have.  During the process, as Wade demonstrates her talents and Phelan begins to recognize her as an investigative partner, they both sense there is more to their relationship. 

VERDICT: Reminiscent of classic mysteries by Chandler and Hammet with more character development and a strong, capable female lead, it will appeal to fans of Lou Bernie, Walter Mosely, and Kent Anderson.  

Sandlin, Lisa. The Bird Boys, Cinco Puntos Press, July 16, 2019. 
ISBN: 978-1947627130

A copy of The Bird Boys was provided by the publisher via Library Journal. No compensation was provided for this review.