Friday, November 29, 2013

Thankfully Reading Weekend: Challenge Accepted (kind-of)

     The Thankfully Reading Weekend is upon us; a weekend spent reading instead of becoming a part of the
craziness that has become the post-Thanksgiving weekend. I learned about the event, the brainchild of Jenn at Jenn's Bookshelves, first on Twitter. It sounded like a great way to quietly protest the materialism of the weekend and a fun way to get motivated to read. It is my understanding that there are no rules or requirements for participating in the Thankfully Reading Weekend; it can mean something different to everyone participating. Some will simply read, and post periodic updates; some will post pictures; others will sponsor challenges.
     So far I've been doing some reading (currently King and Maxwell by David Baldacci) and posted a picture or two. Now, I'm accepting a challenge issued by my friend Jen Forbus at Jen's Book Thoughts. Well, I'm kind of accepting it, with a minor bending of a rule.
     Jen's challenge is to recommend a new(er) author based on the work of a more established author. For example, if you like Michael Connelly, you'll love Wes Albers (Black & White). She has provided a list of great authors on which to base a recommendation. Right away I thought of a newer author I'd like to recommend, but the author I thought of as a comparison was not on Jen's list. And that is where my rule bending has come in. Sorry if I ruined your challenge Jen!

If you like Carl Hiaasen... 

Author Carl Hiaasen
     Carl Hiaasen was one of the first few authors that led me to the crime fiction genre. The book was Skin Tight, and I still think it is one of his best. I like Hiaasen because  his books are mysteries, but are also funny. His characters seem pretty normal at first, but as the story progresses, they get wacky and complex. For example, one recurring character is a former Florida governor who got tired of the politics, the stress, and the way Florida, in his view, was being ruined. So he took to the swamps, lives off the land, and, in his way, helps to keep Florida unmolested. Another is a man who lost an arm, and replaced it with a weed eater! In the mix of mystery and comedy, there is usually an underlying environmental message about the natural beauty of Florida and the state's commercialization (read: destruction). 

Author Lou Berney'll love Lou Berney  

Lou Berney is the author of Gutshot Straight and Whiplash River. I read Gutshot Straight a few months ago, and look forward to Whiplash River. The book stars Shake Bouchon, recently released from prison, eager to start a clean life. But he barely gets outside the prison gates when he is picked up by an old friend offering him work. One more job, he tells himself. But of course it doesn't turn out that way, and Shake leads us through an adventure spanning two continents, an ensemble of characters that rival Hiaasen's best, and an ending that kept me wanting more.      
     So, if you like Carl Hiaasen, give Lou Berney a try. I don't think you'll be disappointed!

     Whatever you do for your post-Thanksgiving weekend, I hope you enjoy it. And reading a few hours can only make it better.

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Jenn's Bookshelves said...

Thankfully Reading Weekend is all about bending the rules. Great job on the challenge!