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Reviews will generally summarize the book, point out highlights or good qualities, and constructively point out areas that the reviewer thought could have been better.

Books are rated using 1-5 stars and are listed on the left column of the homepage. The rating system is as follows:

5 = Great; no faults, informative, entertaining.
4 = Very good, but there was one or two minor things that could have been better.
3 = Average; interesting, entertaining, informative, but lacking in an area that could have been better.
2 = Not recommended, but what could have been...
1 = Not recommended; unreadable or did not finish. 

If you are an author, publisher, agent, etc. and would like a book reviewed, please email TheThirtyYearItch@gmail.com with your request. E-books can be sent to that address with an introduction explaining the request. Not all books received will be reviewed.

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