Tuesday, June 19, 2018

YOU WERE MADE FOR THIS by Michelle Sacks

Sam and Merry left the busy life of New York City and were living the dream raising their infant son, Conner, in Sweden. At least that’s what they were telling themselves, and anyone else who would listen. But the long winters and slower-paced atmosphere, raising their own vegetables and making their own bread, jams, and baby foods might not be all they’re making it out to be. When Merry’s oldest and best friend Frank sends word she’ll be coming for a visit to meet Conner, Sam and Merry double-down on their version of the utopia they have been portraying.  But Merry and Frank know each other too well, and the secrets—and rivalries—can’t stay hidden for long.  

You Were Made for This, the debut novel by Michelle Sacks, is told in the first person alternating between Sam, Merry, and Frank. All three are deeply developed, establishing themselves and providing insight into the current events of the novel by sharing their pasts. The relationship between Merry and Frank—how they’ve influenced each other since early childhood and still do today—is central to the story.  Sam, though wanting to be in control, is controlled by them both, and by the relationship with his mother, giving him a loathing for women that he just can’t seem to get over. 
Full of characters you'll love to hate, You Were Made for This shows us the worst of the human nature.

How far will this rivalry between Merry and Frank go? Adultery? Murder? And who will come out on top? You just can’t predict what a lifetime of love and hate can do among friends.

Sacks, Michelle. You Were Made for This, Little, Brown, June 2018.
ISBN: 978-0-316-47540-2

A copy of You Were Made for This was provided to The Thirty Year Itch by the publisher via NetGalley. No compensation was received for this review. 

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